• Specialized Railroad & Transit Fabrication

Easily and legally transported by truck.
Accurate distribution in terms of
depth and location of ballast.
Towed with M of W machines.

Hudson ROI Equipment Inc was incorporated in 1985 and has been manufacturing railroad ballast cars and ballasting equipment since 1993.

The remote controlled Hudson Ballaster ballast car is designed for one man operation. The tow vehicle operator can distribute the ballast. The self steer suspension allows high speed travel and the ability to work in new construction track. Heavy fabrications, thick gauge steel hopper plates, freight car wheels, bearings, and axles, and excellent workmanship add up to a ballast car that will withstand the rigours of ballasting for many years. The Ballaster is a low maintenance machine. The gating system requires no maintenance and the suspension system requires no maintenance. Quality components are used requiring little maintenance. The Ballaster has many built in standard features such as directional running lights, wood around top perimeter, air brake compressor, pintle hook drawbar connections, large capacity fuel tank, electrical cut off switch, work flood lights and a dual air cleaner system for the diesel engine.